EB FUSION provides a unique Electron Beam welding service to industry Australia-wide.

Electron Beam Welding Applications

EBW is used for joining ferrous metals, light metals, and precious metals and their alloys to themselves, or to each other, eg. aluminium, nickel, copper, stainless steel, platinum, titanium, tungsten, tantalum.

Typical applications include aerospace, automotive, marine and integrated electronics. The low heat input means that, for example, internally mounted, heat sensitive electronic packages may be sealed in a welded enclosure without damage.


Nickel to Copper - Dissimilar Metals:

EN36A Case Hardening Steel - High Performance Gear and Hub Assembly:

Tantalum - Crucible Flange Assembly:

Stainless steel - Housing with recessed weld:

Close-up of etched cross-section showing weld penetration and profile