EB FUSION provides a unique Electron Beam welding service to industry Australia-wide.

The Benefits of Electron Beam Welding

  • Maximum weld penetration with the least amount of heat input.
  • Minimal distortion.
  • Narrow heat affected zone (HAZ).
  • High welding speed.
  • EBW often reduces the need for secondary operations.
  • Repeatable precision micro-welding.
  • A clean, strong, homogenous weld is produced under vacuum without filler material.
  • The vacuum environment eliminates atmospheric contaminants in the weld.
  • Exotic alloys and dissimilar materials can be welded.
  • EBW frequently yields 0% scrap rate.
  • Extreme precision and reproducibility due to computer controlled process.
  • EBW can be employed to salvage and repair both old and new components.


  • The necessity for a vacuum chamber
  • The volumetric capacity of the vacuum chamber and the associated fixtures.

The vacuum chamber dimensions at EB FUSION measures 300mm(H) x 300mm(W) x 300mm(D), with a range of chamber extensions developed for specific job requirements.